World University Basketball Series


Request for visitors (prohibited items and prohibited activities)


As a principle, the following items or acts are prohibited for visitors entering the venue. If any of these items are violated, admission may be denied. Please note that you may be asked to leave the venue if any of the following items are found in the venue.

(1) Firearms and knives

(2) Scissors, ice picks and other sharp objects, razors, cutters and other blades or items that could be used as deadly weapons

(3) Poisons, drugs, or other harmful substances

(4) Acts or items that display or suggest political, ideological or religious principles or claims, content contrary to public order or morality, or discriminatory advertising materials or ideas, or that could be used for demonstrations, or that may interfere with the operation of the tournament (billboards, flags, banners, hanging banners, placards, numbers, documents, drawings, printed matter, trademarks, etc.)

(5) Items that aim to excessively reserve seats

(6) Large baggage that exceeds the size of its own seating area

(7) Items or acts that are dangerous or disruptive to the progress of the event or the management and operation of the facility